Kheper Games Launches Male Stripper Straws

Kheper Games Launches Male Stripper Straws

SEATTLE — Kheper Games Inc. announced the launch of the male version of the company’s Stripper Straws. 

The item is a followup to the hot-selling Female Stripper Straws that Kheper Games launched in February. Each set includes three original stripper figures posed to wrap around silver straws. 

The straws represent the stripper poles. The figures slide up and down the straws manually so that users of the straws can adjust the strippers to accommodate varying sizes of beverage glasses, Kheper CEO Brian Pellham.

“The response we’ve received to our Stripper Straw concept has been amazing,” Pellham said. “Not only are customers excited to see an alternative to penis and vagina straws, they also really love the creativity that went into this unique direction in product design. It offers customers a unique alternative and is a great accessory to any last night out party that includes strippers.”

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