NakedSword Debuts 2nd 'Berkeley' Episode

NakedSword Debuts 2nd 'Berkeley' Episode

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has announced the release of the second "Berkeley" episode, from the series centered on their new home town of Berkeley, California. members can view the episode, which debuted today.

Shot on location by NakedSword's XBIZ Award-winning director mr. Pam, the series is a love letter to the "progressive and vibrant town" nestled in the hills of Northern California called Berkeley. The streets are described as "teeming with sexy young men, drawn to the area by the promise of higher education, a thriving art community, rich cultural diversity and the uninhibited liberal lifestyle that the bay area is famous for."   

In the second episode, twink "power top" Dalton Briggs experiences a heated classroom fantasy that takes him to the apartment of his professor, Brendan Phillips. The line between teacher and student becomes blurred until Dalton comes back to reality in the classroom, excusing himself to release his pent up sexual tension. 

"Dalton and Brendan were a breeze to film and their chemistry was solid," mr. Pam said. "What I loved most was the guys fit their role perfectly, Brendan being a biology major made it easy to film the B roll in the classroom because he actually knew what he was talking about! Dalton was the quintessential student and has that look about him.

"The scene weaves in and out of Dalton's fantasy and begins with him in the class room listening to his professor talk," she continued. "The editing and set up is done flawlessly so the scene is entertaining while being very sexy to watch, it's one of my favorites of the series!"