Video: Tilt Brush Targets VR Artists

Video: Tilt Brush Targets VR Artists

LOS ANGELES — While the adult entertainment industry pushes forward in the quest to bring its wares to the virtual realm, a broad array of innovative applications are being developed by mainstream companies both large and small, as they explore the unfolding possibilities of virtual reality.

These possibilities extend far past the “porn and video games” pigeonhole that some observers seem to believe encompass VR’s only potential — while some of these bold new possibilities, although ecosystems of their own, may also have applications for adult VR pros, beyond those that their creator’s had originally envisioned.

According to the company, Google’s new Tilt Brush technology empowers users to paint from a new perspective by creating artwork within a full 3D space, providing an example of VR’s broad potential.

“Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination [and] the possibilities are endless,” explains a Google spokesperson. “Paint life-size three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire — experience painting as you have never before.”

This breakthrough virtual reality technology isn’t just a pipedream of possibilities for the future, but an actual product that is available for consumers to purchase today. Tilt Brush is currently compatible with the HTC Vive, and requires Steam to be installed.

After that, as Google puts it, “you’re ready to create your masterpiece.”

Consider the possible uses of such masterpieces: such as creative backdrops and environments for live VR cams (and even as play spaces for cam models creating custom art), along with applications for producing pre-recorded content.

As with many new technologies, it may only be a matter of time until porners put Tilt Brush in their toolbox and take erotic art to the next level.