CAM4 Cares Raises $4,800 for Cupcake Girls Charity

CAM4 Cares Raises $4,800 for Cupcake Girls Charity

LOS ANGELES — Charity initiative CAM4 Cares announced today that $4,800 was raised last month from an online drive and has been handed over to the Cupcake Girls charity.

“Cupcake Girls is a great organization that provides real world day-to-day value and assistance to women in need,” said Abbey Leigh of, which sponsors CAM4 Cares.

“We are honored to have worked alongside them, offering our audience the option of buying teal- ribbon virtual gifts that can be displayed on a favorite performer’s profile with their contribution being passed along to the Cupcake Girls."

Joy Hoover, president and founder of the Cupcake Girls, noted that CAM4 Cares took up the donation drive during Sexual Assault Awareness month.

“Sexual assault resources are just one of the dozens of nonjudgmental and confidential resources we offer people working in the adult entertainment industry,” Hoover said. “With the support of organizations like CAM4, the Cupcake Girls are able to assist even more entertainers through resources and ongoing support, and that is priceless to us.”

Hoover founded the Cupcake Girls in 2011, first offering outreach to women working in Las Vegas strip clubs and legal brothels in Nevada. Today the group goes well beyond that and into all formats of adult entertainment, including online.