ClickCastX Offers 360 VR Live Video Platform

ClickCastX Offers 360 VR Live Video Platform

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced the integration of its content management system with the ALLie Cam 360 VR camera.

“Clients using our software system will now for the first time be able to broadcast live 4K 360 degree by 360 degree video and audio,” says ClickCastX President Claude Lai, “and to monetize their live VR content utilizing the ClickCastX video platform.”

Lai says the new ClickCastX 360 VR ALLie Cam module will allow users to watch the high resolution video in real time.

“Through YouTube’s 360 Live Video API,” Lai explains, “Live content can be automatically recorded and published to clients who can watch 360 live content on their Oculus devices, such as the Samsung Gear VR, iOS/Android Cardboard compatible headsets and more.”

The addition of live 360 VR content publishing through the ALLie Cam enables ClickCastX clients to stream live 360 VR cams for both group and private shows.

Lai says that the possibilities of this new technology are endless and are only now starting to be realized.

“With the ClickCastX platform and the ALLie Cam,” Lai says, “The ability to showcase and monetize live VR content will bring a whole new level of video content experience to the emerging world of 360 VR video publishing.”