Classic Erotica Expands Sales Team

Classic Erotica Expands Sales Team

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Pheromone sensual care and sex enhancer manufacturer Classic Erotica has added industry expert Pat Manginelli to its sales force.

“Due to the growing demand for our products the timing was evident to add to our sales team,” Classic Erotica President Loren Levy said.

Manginelli’s previously worked for Empowered Products and most recently, LELO.

“His resume was impressive and Manginelli brings the experience Classic Erotica requires for its next stage of strategic development,” Levy said. “With 40-plus years of sales and managerial expertise, Manginelli will take on the role of special projects & private label sales."

According to Manginelli, “Classic Erotica excels in the private label sector and I look forward to both the challenge and goal to further expand the team’s success. My career has afforded the opportunity to identify within the adult industry, which allows me the relationships to reach out and establish quality private branded products for a two-way growth factor. Helping to build others while contributing to the in-depth strength of Classic Erotica is my dynamic and one which I embrace with certainty and excitement.”

Manginelli will be based out of Florida to build on Classic Erotica’s presence on the East Coast.

For more information, email Classic Erotica Director of Sales Lynn Swanson at