Screaming O Offers Sex Toys, Advice at UCLA Sextravaganza Event

Screaming O Offers Sex Toys, Advice at UCLA Sextravaganza Event

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O celebrated a night of healthy sexuality with hundreds of UCLA undergrads during last week’s Sextravaganza, an annual event that inspires sex-positive conversations on campus.

Screaming O’s booth offered free starter sex toys, a survey, and advice from a certified sex educator — a set-up designed to give attendees a safe space to learn, explore and get excited about sex toys, the company says.

Each year, UCLA’s residential life team opens the sexual health, wellness and awareness program to the school’s 12,000 on-campus residents, introducing students to resources, topics and activities related to healthy sexuality and relationships. Screaming O introduced students to the brand’s lab-tested body-safe sex toys with free samples and advice from Los Angeles-based certified sex educator Anne Hodder.

“Sex toys are incredibly effective tools for sexual exploration and can help people learn about their bodies in a safe and healthy way,” Hodder said. “We took a survey during the event and found that more than 70 percent of Sextravaganza attendees had never bought a sex toy before, and it was amazing to see students’ eyes light up when we handed them free mini vibes to try for the first time. The safe and inclusive space that the Sextravaganza team created gave attendees the permission they needed to ask questions, get information, and take useful tools back to their dorm rooms — Screaming O sex toys included!”

Students were encouraged to fill out a survey at the Screaming O booth, which provided introductory information about the sex toy shopping habits of college students. According to the company, of the few who reported having purchased a sex toy in the past, nearly half spent less than $20. The figure supports the growing need for body-safe sex toys available at affordable prices, Screaming O says.

“We like to joke that our products are ‘gateway toys’ for first-timers and beginners because they are as easy to use as they are affordable to buy,” Screaming O Marketing Manager Gideon Perez. “Participating in Sextravaganza was a valuable opportunity not only to introduce our brand to the next generation, but also to gain a clearer perspective on the sex toy shopping habits of college students. We were blown away by the overwhelmingly positive and excited response we received from attendees, and it was an honor to be involved in such an important sex-positive UCLA event.”   

The annual Sextravaganza provides students with an inclusive and unbiased safe space to learn and reflect upon their own sexuality, while encouraging conversations about sexual health issues.

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