Entrenue Introduces 'Live Sexy Intro' Vibrators From Jimmyjane

PHOENIX — Entrenue has introduced the Live Sexy Intro Series of budget-friendly luxury vibrators from Jimmyjane, offering shoppers an affordable introduction to the brand. 

An Entrenue spokesperson said, "Made with the same quality and materials that have made Jimmyjane an industry force, the battery-operated Intro Series makes it easy to introduce some of the high-end brand's most popular shapes to a wider audience eager to experience the Jimmyjane name."

The Intro Series features shapes based on the designs of Jimmyjane's Form vibrators. An Entrenue representative said that Intro 2, for example, "sports a dual-motor forked design nearly identical to the best-selling Form 2," while "Intro 4 is an elongated Form 4 perfect for fans of the versatile slimline shape." And according to Entrenue, "Intro 6 boasts a full base and G-spot curve like that of the Form 6."

Joe Casella, president of Entrenue, said, "Jimmyjane is one of Entrenue's best-performing brands year after year, and we're so pleased to provide our customers with an affordable selection of the company's signature shapes. The Intro Series will introduce the brand to an entirely new generation of Jimmyjane fans and make it easy for retailers to stock a new line with a mid-range price point to balance the high-end options flooding shelves. We anticipate the Intro Series being one of the year's best-selling new releases."

As an additional perk, Entrenue said, Jimmyjane has also released two new lube combo packs perfect for first-timers and beginners. The Slip & Zing Organic Lubricant and Gel Set combines a long-lasting, skin-softening lubricant with an organic arousal gel, while the Sensual Care Duo pairs the same lubricant and a gentle toy cleanser. Both come in attractive packaging that make them an easy add-on for someone interested in the Intro line.

For more information on Entrenue, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.

For more information on Jimmyjane, visit their official website or follow them on Twitter.