Video: Brazzers' 'Invisible Man' Parody Has 1st-Ever Floating Phallus

Video: Brazzers' 'Invisible Man' Parody Has 1st-Ever Floating Phallus

BURBANK, Calif. — Brazzers has announced the release of "Fucking the Invisible Man," the first-ever porn parody to display a floating phallus during sexual intercourse that is not animated.

"Fucking the Invisible Man" is part of Brazzers’ Tech-Porn venture announced this past February. The title explores what happens when an affair between a scientist’s wife (Michelle Thorne) and her lover (Danny D) is foiled — forcing the lover to take drastic action with substances beyond his understanding. Complete with comedic elements and British wit, the Brazzers parody seeks to flip the infamously dark vibe of "Hollow Man" on its head.

Mario Nardstein, product director for Brazzers, described the scene. "A true step up in pushing the technological boundaries of porn," he said. "Our production and post teams worked meticulously to create the actual invisibility of the protagonist while maintaining a defined human body shape and thus the audience’s relation to him as a character — and his genitals. You can’t forget that audiences watch porn for the vicarious experience of the sympathetic human element.”

While previous adult films like "The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man" (2003) have attempted to create invisible sex prior to this Brazzers scene, they stop short at hips gyrating in the air.