CAM4 and VRTube Partner for Live Virtual Reality Cams

CAM4 and VRTube Partner for Live Virtual Reality Cams

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 and VRTube have announced a strategic partnership that will change the way viewers and performers interact with each other during cam shows, ushering in a new era for CAM4, as it brings virtual reality live camming to the masses.

Co-founded in 2014 by Ela Darling, is reportedly the world’s first VR cam platform, making many breakthroughs in VR streaming technology. Darling also holds the accolade of “The World’s First Virtual Reality Cam Girl,” and has championed VR as a means for transforming adult content into a fully immersive experience.

“Live VR cams are the most engaging and powerful experience yet made for virtual reality,” explains Darling. “The most attractive aspects of live cams are intimacy, immediacy, and presence — and VR amplifies these aspects to create a performance that goes beyond what was previously attainable and soon to be available from”

Darling notes that customers will enjoy a much more personal cam viewing experience with VR cams than with traditional cam shows, and explains that VRTube pioneered several different types of content, specializing in full 360° experiences rendered in real-world environments. 

“Most VR porn sites offer an incomplete 180° view of the action and all live streaming VR cams to date render the performer in a make-believe environment where filming has to be done from a studio,” says Darling. “CAM4VR’s commitment is that performers will broadcast from their own home, and viewers will be able to transport themselves to the performers bedroom with a full 360° view.”

CAM4 spokesperson Derek Devlin says that this partnership is really exciting because it marries VRTube’s technology with CAM4’s own VR research and development.

“Together, we have created a best-in-class VR experience that will be fully integrated into, making VR cams accessible for all,” Devlin says. “We are committed to empowering performers to monetize across all mediums, and VR is just one of the exciting new platforms we are developing to support our broadcasters.”

“This unique service offers our users an experience that far surpasses what was possible with any 2D analog live streaming,” Devlin adds. “It’s a new era for live cams and we are excited to be at the forefront of this emerging technology.”

In joining forces, VRTube and CAM4 are committed to bringing live cam fans a new level of intimacy and connection with VR that allows people to share more genuine experiences with each other, in real time. 

Darling will discuss VR at the upcoming XBIZ Miami and CamCon conferences in Miami. 

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