Nica Noelle Returns to Sweetheart, Unveils 'A Mother's Secret'

Nica Noelle Returns to Sweetheart, Unveils 'A Mother's Secret'
Alejandro Freixes

MONTREAL — Mile High Media has announced the return of director Nica Noelle to Sweetheart Video with a first look at her soon to release feature “A Mother’s Secret.”

Written and directed by Noelle, “A Mother’s Secret” is an all-girl drama exploring a mother’s forbidden desires, starring Elexis Monroe, Kasey Warner, Ingrid Mouth and Jelena Jensen. 

“'A Mother's Secret' reminded me of just how magical a genre girl-girl cinema is," Noelle said. "I was flooded with memories of everything that inspired me about this industry at the beginning, and what a long, strange journey it's been. I hope the fans enjoy this feature, because we put our hearts into it. It definitely felt like a homecoming — lots of joy, and a few tears, too.

"For my return project it was very important to me to work with models that inspire me," she continued. "The first name on that list was Elexis Monroe. When I first started working with Elexis she was so young, we would always cast her as the college student or girl next door. So, to find myself on set with her so many years later, in the middle of New England, watching her play a middle-aged mother — it was a deep moment for us. Her performance still has all the passion and fire, as it did at the start of her career. It's still such a tremendous joy to film her.

"Meanwhile, Ingrid Mouth was someone I only became aware of in the last year," Noelle added. "There was something about her that I found very compelling, and I wrote the Sevilla character especially for her. Jelena Jensen was only available for one day because she was in the middle of traveling for work, and that's the only reason her role in the movie is so brief. She moved mountains to get here, all because she wanted to be part of my return to girl/girl. It doesn't get any better than that. Kasey Warner I chose from a photograph. Aside from her obvious beauty, there was something about her eyes — she has these soulful, intelligent eyes. So I chose her based on her photo alone, and I must be psychic because Kasey was perfect.”

Sweetheart Video launched in 2008 with director Noelle. In 2011, Dana Vespoli and Melissa Monet joined the directing roster. The studio’s goal is to create original, innovative girl/girl erotica for the discerning viewer. Sweetheart films are storyline-driven, carefully cast and "always contain real sexual encounters between women who truly want to be together, all captured by today's innovative female directors."

Jon Blitt, vice president of Mile High Media, said, “Nica is a creative force and we always welcome her compelling storylines for our studios. Sweetheart fans have been hopeful for her to continue to contribute and this feature was a perfect return showcasing her signature style. She is a mastermind at her craft and creates gay, TS and straight erotica like no other.”

The hardcore trailer for "A Mother's Secret" can be seen now exclusively on Mile High Media’s blog here. For “A Mother’s Secret” cover art and more information, click here

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