Marc Dorcel Launches 'Marc or Nothing' Promotion

Marc Dorcel Launches 'Marc or Nothing' Promotion

PARIS — Marc Dorcel have launched their promotional campaign "Marc or Nothing." The French studio is offering free streaming access to all content on for 60 days under one condition: customers need to name themselves "Marc" on Facebook.

"For the ones already named Marc, it's easy," a representative for Marc Dorcel said. "For the others, a bit less but not impossible. It just implies (that you are expressing) your taste for high-quality X-rated content by changing your first name on Facebook and appearing as Marc. Because if watching X-rated movies is a common practice — a study conducted by Ifop Institute in 2012 revealed that 91 percent of the respondents had already watched an adult movie — the topic is still taboo in the public sphere."

On their "Marc or Nothing" page, Marc Dorcel offer a link for those who are already named Marc and one for those who aren't.

Marc Dorcel, founded in 1979, are celebrating their 37th anniversary this year.

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