Pure Play, Club Sweethearts Celebrate '40th Anniversary Party'

Pure Play, Club Sweethearts Celebrate '40th Anniversary Party'

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Club Sweethearts have announced the release of “40th Anniversary Party.”

In the milestone release from the sex party studio, 40 teen performers engage in a giant orgy with men and each other.

Pure Play Media sales representative Hyland C. said, “Forty. Forty girls. All at once! And these teens have absolutely no boundaries — seriously, none whatsoever. There’s so much sex going on all at once, you don’t know where one sex act ends and another begins. Bringing so many pretty girls together, and the guys to fuck them, is nothing short of incredible.

"Fans are going to have to get their hands on this release to see for themselves, and I would bet they’d have to watch this more [than] a few times to get all of the action," Hyland C. added. "Retailers, get this on your shelves as soon as you can!”

To view the box cover and synopsis for “40th Anniversary Party,” click here. Retailers interested in stocking the title can contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PurePlayMedia.com or (818) 989-1570, ext. 3256. For more information on Pure Play Media, visit PurePlayMedia.com and PPMB2B.com.