FSC's Leue: Condom Ballot Measure Is a Ploy to Harass Workers

FSC's Leue: Condom Ballot Measure Is a Ploy to Harass Workers

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Eric Paul Leue, the Free Speech Coalition’s executive director, in an interview with the Daily News, said that the upcoming condom ballot measure is nothing but a ploy to harass workers.

“This is completely about harassing workers,” Leue told the Los Angeles paper, referring specifically to the sponsor of the measure — the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s president, Michael Weinstein, who for the past 12 years has focused efforts on making condoms mandatory in the porn industry.

“We need to stop pushing an industry that is legal and safe out of this state. We see this as a repetitive conversation,” Leue said.

The FSC executive director also noted that the adult trade organization plans on forming a political action committee in the pursuit of a stronger campaign to oppose the ballot measure.

“Harassing workers, no matter if we agree with the job or not, is never the right thing.”

Elaborating further, Leue said that most people outside the industry look at the state ballot initiative and believe it is about worker safety.

“The problem is it’s not about worker safety,” he said. “It’s not about sexual health. It is not about protecting people from something.”

The Daily News’ complete interview with Leue can be read here.