Erotic Heritage Museum Offers to Feature 'Make America Great Again'

LAS VEGAS — The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas has offered to be the first gallery in the United States to carry Illma Gore's painting "Make America Great Again," which depicts Republican presidential primary frontrunner Donald Trump nude and with a small penis.

According to a spokesperson for the Erotic Heritage Museum, other galleries have refused to carry "Make America Great Again" for security reasons — and Gore has been threatened with legal action.

"As an institution built on the free discourse of sex, politics and culture, we have been following the question over Trump's endowment since Marco Rubio mocked Trump's small hands back at the beginning of the year," said Dr. Victoria Hartmann, executive director of the Erotic Heritage Museum. "We offered to display the mold of Mr. Trump's penis Pipedream Products offered to make after Larry Flynt said he'd pay to have the possible presidential member examined by a doctor, and we'd be honored to display Illma Gore's painting of Mr. Trump in all his glory now. Unlike other U.S. galleries, the EHM is not afraid to show work of a controversial nature. In fact, we feel it is important to do so."

A spokesperson for the Erotic Heritage Museum said that "Make America Great Again" is now priced at £1 million by London's Maddox Gallery.

Owned and managed by Harry Mohney, the Erotic Heritage Museum is open seven days a week and contains more than 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits. 

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