Nenna Joiner Running for California Congressional Delegate in Oakland

OAKLAND — Nenna Joiner, owner of the Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland, is running for California Democratic congressional delegate in District 13.

“There are many issues the adult industry can fight: lower bank rates, less restrictive zoning regulations, digital piracy, etc.,” Joiner said. “Although the delegate has no authoritative powers, it still helps to learn the political process and how it can help my business community.”

On May 1, a caucus for the Democratic delegate position will be held at 115 Broadway in Oakland at 2 p.m. One must live in District 13 and be a registered Democrat to participate.

In February, Joiner decided to attend the state convention for the California Democratic Party in San Jose.

“I arrived to find out that I had to have someone, a delegate, endorse me in order to get onto the convention floor,” Joiner said. “It was really frustrating, as I just wanted to see the process. Having finally recognized someone that was able to get me through the back door, I realized it was time for the adult industry to walk through more front doors.” 

Joiner urges people in the adult industry to be as politically active as possible.

“There is a great deal of opportunity for the adult industry in politics,” Joiner said. “We should expect to see more adult industry candidates that take time to learn the issues and those that want to see change that affects their local or business communities.” 

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