XHamster Offers to Produce LGBT Benefit Concert

LOS ANGELES — XHamster.com has offered to produce a benefit concert for LGBT people in North Carolina on one condition: that Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams perform there. XHamster recently joined a growing number of companies protesting North Carolina House Bill 2, the so-called "Bathroom Law" that passed on Mar. 23 and has been criticized as anti-gay by opponents.

"We obviously respect what Bruce, Bryan and the huge number of companies did in taking a stand against homophobia," an XHamster spokesperson said. "We want to produce a charity concert and invite the LGBT community. All proceeds will go towards LGBT foundations and charities."

XHamster's representative also said, "We obviously have the same ideals as Bruce and Bryan, and we really hope they take this opportunity to help the LGBT community all over North Carolina."

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