Exsens Offers Flavored Arousal Gels

Exsens Offers Flavored Arousal Gels
Stephen Yagielowicz

PARIS — Exsens has announced the release of its flavored Arousal Gels.

First introduced at the January XBIZ Show, Exsens says its flavored Arousal Gels were welcomed by buyers who commented positively on the fresh flavors, competitive price points and creative packaging.

According to Exsens Sales Manager Krystal Medeiros, the company’s flavored Arousal Gels will awaken desires in the user, who will “experience exquisite sensations.”

“With unique flavors [such as] Fresh Ginger Lychee, Hot Vanilla Espresso and Raspberry Mint,” Medeiros says, “Exsens’ Arousal Gels will make your tastes buds dance with delight while the stimulation effects will make you dance in your pants… or no pants… whichever tickles your fancy.”

Medeiros notes that the company has a passion for premium product formulations and design.

“Exsens is a high quality brand of sensual cosmetics that is developed, produced and packaged in our state-of-the-art facility south of Paris, where love and romance are the main ingredients for a happy life,” Medeiros explains, “and since the launch of Exsens in 2014, happiness is in the air.”

Exsens Arousal Gels will be available from Entrenue this month.

For orders, samples or pricing information, email Exsens@technic.com or call (401) 781-6100, ext 1762.