Vendo Introduces 'Vendo's View' Data Series

Vendo Introduces 'Vendo's View' Data Series

LOS ANGELES — Vendo Services has announced the introduction of its exclusive “Vendo’s View” series, using industry-wide data to provide insights into events and situations that affect online businesses.

Want to know how much March Madness affected your sales? Ever wonder how the giant East Coast winter storms affect your conversions? Curious about which U.S. states covert best (and worst)? Would you like to know how many more people shop on Valentine’s day?

Vendo did, too.

According to Vendo’s Managing Director, Thierry Arrondo, the company has been asking these types of questions of its data for years, with the IPSP biller making a push over the past year to provide relevant data-driven insights to the industry through a variety of social media outlets.

“We would share the results with some of our clients,” Arrondo says. “It turned out that they were really interested in what we found, so we decided to start publishing our insights and opening up to questions from all of our clients.”

Arrondo says this data is useful to companies seeking to compare their own data to Vendo’s industry wide averages.

“As a single company they can only see their own data,” Arrondo adds, “but since we process for thousands of sites, we can show what is happening in the [broader] industry.”

The first few entries in the Vendo’s View blog series cover topics ranging from “March Madness” to the “Top Converting States,” to “How Winter Storms Affect Conversions.”

Companies that wish to participate can contact Vendo on Facebook, Twitter, or