Icon Brands Offers 'Kitsch Kits'

Icon Brands Offers 'Kitsch Kits'

LOS ANGELES — Icon Brands has announced the release of its novelty “Kitsch Kits,” covered in 1950’s bag-style packaging, with names such as “The Secretly Kinky Kit,” “The Rich Bitch Kit,” “The Butt Freak Kit,” and “The Newly Single Kit.”

“We all know someone they’d be perfect for, and why shouldn’t they have a kit too?” asks Icon Sales Director Jenny Tse.  “And these bags are packed! At just $15 wholesale, they contain things [such as] silicone vibrators, silicone plugs, premium Vie Lubricant, handcuffs, blindfolds, you name it.”

Tse says that Icon wanted to offer a kit that would be a perfect gag, bachelorette, or birthday gift.

“Kits can just be so dry, we wanted ours to be a little fun,” Tse explains. “So the packaging acts as a card, and the pleasant surprise is just how much is inside.”

Icon started shipping its Kitsch Kits last week, and reveals that the response has been so strong that it is already planning extensions of the line for ANME in July.

“It’s a line that can just go on and on,” said Tse. “Everyone wants their funny bone tickled... no pun intended.”

For more information, call Icon Sales at (818) 380-7700, extension 105.