Offers VR Content Offers VR Content

TORONTO — has announced the addition of new tools allowing virtual reality content owners to test market new niches and gain additional revenue streams while building brand awareness with an audience of adult entertainment fans.

According to Phil of, the program is successful because it pays out based on each and every video view, rather than requiring the direct purchase of content.

“Monetizing content properly means maximizing the number of ways your videos earn you money, and layering those profits on top of one another,” Phil explains. “Now that Paid Per View is able to accommodate VR content, we are seeing a spike in traffic for what may soon become the most important niche of the entire adult market.”

Phil says that creating an account and uploading videos is simple, with the system automatically encoding, orienting and formatting videos, while allowing users to apply niche tags, model names, channel choices and custom branding information for promotion.

“That means every video can earn you a percentage of revenue from ad impressions, bring traffic back to your site and opens up a whole new audience for your content,” Phil adds, noting that Paid Per View is an easy way for adult content producers to begin test marketing and monetizing VR porn videos today, with detailed stats for every scene.

The Paid Per View interface also allows VR content owners to setup their own custom channel page, to choose the proper display format, and to select either 180 or 360-degree arcs, to make it easier for fans to find the VR adult entertainment that fits their own appetites.