ImLive Offers Instant Payouts for Cam Performers

ImLive Offers Instant Payouts for Cam Performers

LOS ANGELES — ImLive is keeping its cam hosts at the forefront of technology, with its latest innovation an instant payment service called Click2Cash, designed to help performers control their own business by instantly cashing out their earnings.

“Click2Cash enables hosts to get unlimited, instant payments from ImLive to their accounts, without having to wait for the end of the pay period,” says ImLive’s COO Yair S. “Hosts can now cash out any amount above $1 as many times they wish, whenever they choose!”

Yair S. says that ImLive is offering Click2Cash for free to all of its hosts, not just those based in the U.S., boosting the appeal of the program among global cam performers.

“As soon as hosts are paid their commission, they are able to withdraw the money immediately, so it really is as easy as ‘Click2Cash,’” Yair S. adds. “We trust our hosts to manage their businesses openly and responsibly, and we believe what’s theirs is theirs — so they are free to cash out their earnings until the last cent they have in their accounts.”

Yair S. notes that ImLive is well-known in the industry for its creative ideas for ensuring hosts, studios and affiliates generate income and succeed — with another of these innovations being the new mobile streaming option it recently launched for its hosts.

“Hosts are no longer limited to working from home! They can now use their phones to stream good quality, live video and audio chats directly to the ImLive network from wherever they are — and record them to increase their income through their online videos,” Yair S. explains. “They can text and talk from their chat rooms, send private messages, record those unique moments on their mobiles when they’re out and about and upload them later — allowing them to bring in the big bucks even while they’re on the move!”

There’s more to the system’s benefits than just allowing mobile performers to stream live.

“ImLive hosts can also withdraw their earnings using the new ‘Click2Cash’ option as soon as they’ve completed a private chat on their mobiles,” says Yair. “Then, on their way home, they can pop into a store and spend their hard-earned cash immediately.”

The company’s “no chargeback policy” is the reason this instant payment is possible, because hosts working with ImLive no longer have to deal with chargebacks, which have been absorbed by ImLive since October of 2014. ImLive recently updated this policy to remove the remaining restrictions, adding to the reasons that ImLive is a profitable venue for its performers who serve more than 65 million registered members, bringing opportunity to more than 80,000 amateur webcam hosts that broadcast live, 24/7.

ImLive offers constantly-updated campaigns, bonuses, awards and gifts for hosts and affiliates and is compatible with web, tablet and mobile traffic, with live sex chats, free live chats, porn star shows, themed weekend parties, an awards arena and other exciting features that make it easy for affiliates to boost their traffic and increase their income.

Affiliates can promote ImLive for $250 PPS for the majority of new sales with no minimums; or 35 percent lifetime revenue share; or up to $3 PPL.