Komar Presents Online Sex Ed and Product Knowledge Classes

Komar Presents Online Sex Ed and Product Knowledge Classes

BALTIMORE — Komar has announced the latest course schedule for its Learning Center.

According to the company, Komar began its Learning Center a year and a half ago, during which time its Sex Educator, Ducky DooLittle, has presented more than 50 training events.

The 40 minute long classes are held on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. PST, and cover the questions adult retailers frequently face on the sales floor, including touchy topics that range from erectile dysfunction, to having sex after a hysterectomy, and how to care for customers that are experiencing painful intercourse.

“Progressive owners and managers bring their staff to product knowledge classes on topics like strap-on harnesses, urethral sounds, and understanding personal lubricant ingredients,” DooLittle says. “Managers have enjoyed master classes on innovative retail displays, and how to hire and retain great workers.”

DooLittle says the classes, which have been attended by thousands of participants, allow attendees to share, laugh, and learn together.

“We have built a beautiful, supportive community of individuals from all facets of adult retailing, including brick and mortar staff, online stores, and home party presenters,” DooLittle explains. “Beyond store owners, managers, buyers and staff, we recently opened classes up to sex writers, bloggers, and sex educators nationwide.”

One satisfied participant is Kathi Pepper, the owner of a multifaceted adult retail business with a focus on customer health and wellness.

“Ducky Doolittle has been such an inspiration, not only to me as a sex educator, but for my staff, which is directly influential in sales at our store,” Pepper says. “Her vast knowledge and experience is evident as she guides us through her classes. Whether she’s discussing a familiar topic or something foreign, you’ll always get a golden nugget that’ll help you have the right conversation with your customer.”

Participants only need a computer and Internet connection, but limited spots are available, with the upcoming classes including:

  • April 12: New Product Showcase
  • April 26: How to Choose a Butt Plug (Or Any Toy for That Matter)
  • May 10: Understanding Pet Play for Kink Enthusiasts
  • May 24: Beauty and Body Image
  • June 7: So Much Lube!
  • June 21: Sex for Breast Cancer Survivors
  • July 19: Sex, Ability and Disability: Inclusive Web Design

To sign up or for more information, click here.