Wasteland, Severe Sex Join Forces for Exile-Distributed DVD Series

Wasteland, Severe Sex Join Forces for Exile-Distributed DVD Series

LOS ANGELES — Wasteland.com and Severe Sex Films have announced “Severe Sex Presents Wasteland," a joint series of DVDs distributed by Exile. This new line will offer Wasteland’s dark erotica on DVD for the first time ever. 

“When I was first coming out as a kinky person in the late 90s, Wasteland.com was one of the first sites I ever visited,” recalls Severe Sex co-owner Dee Severe. “It’s such an honor to be able to work with them!” 

Severe Sex co-founder Jimmy Broadway said, “Both companies believe in the importance of presenting authentic BDSM. Nothing is faked, there are no special effects or make-up, we both showcase performers that practice BDSM off camera.”

Wasteland founder and CEO Colin Rowntree stated, "We at Wasteland.com are absolutely thrilled with this collaboration with Severe Sex Films. It's a match made in kinky heaven in so many ways — most importantly, that Wasteland and Severe Sex Films share the same fundamental vision and values in creating authentic BDSM movies.

"So much of what has been produced over the past seven years for the Internet under the guise of BDSM is simply very rough porn star sex, with bondage sets and gear thrown in for shock value," he added. "I call this the ‘Flog and Fuck School of Filmmaking,’ which has very little to do with the realities of consensual D/s relationships and activities. Both Wasteland and Severe Sex Films work with lifestyle kinky players that know exactly what they are doing, and the result is far more compelling for viewers. We're also very happy to hear that we in some way paved the road for Dee Severe into the kinky realm, and also to be under the superb distribution leadership of Exile!"

Howard Levine of Exile Distribution commented, "As you know, the Severe Sex line has grown into one of our most successful lines — the addition of the Wasteland content is a pivotal move for this very successful company. The content is top-notch, the actors deliver 100 percent and it is shot beautifully."

The first Severe Sex Presents Wasteland DVD, “Punishments Incorporated,” is slated for a May release. “I love that this is a maledom release — it serves as a good counterpoint for Severe Sex content, which tends to the femdom,” Severe remarked. “Together, we’re giving our fan base the full spectrum of BDSM and fetish.”

For sales inquiries and more information, contact howard@exiledist.com, DaveP@expxxx.com or call (866) 629-4271.