Kheper Games Offers 3 New Novelty Barware Cups

Kheper Games Offers 3 New Novelty Barware Cups

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has announced the addition of three new barware items to its popular line of novelty cups: TNT, the Grenade Canteen, and Watermelon Cup.

The TNT cup pre-launched earlier this year on the adult trade show circuit and features three 4.75 oz. chambers plus a straw for each that combines into a single straw to mix the drink as the user drinks it.

The label on the bottom offers a couple of sample drink recipes, such as The Big Boom, which is comprised of one stick of vodka, plus one stick of lemon-lime soda and one stick of pineapple juice.

The 16 ounce Grenade Canteen has a clip on the top that allows it to easily fasten to the user’s belt, and in addition to being a fun novelty, makes a useful accessory for military or action hero costumes.

The 24 ounce Watermelon Cup is positioned as a fun summertime, poolside, or tropical- / tiki-themed party accessory that is perfect for fruity drinks.

According to company CEO Brian Pellham, Kheper Games has done quite well with its expanding barware line.

“We’re all about entertainment for adults and these fun cups have been a great addition to our line,” Pellham explains. “After we launched our Disco Ball Cup with great success last summer, we learned that there is a great opportunity for novelty barware.”

In addition to the three new cups and the Disco Ball Cup, Kheper Games offers a Toxic Cup, a Keg Cup, and the Get Trashed Cup, which will be joined in early April by the Cactus Cup.

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