ExoClick Announces New Features

ExoClick Announces New Features
Stephen Yagielowicz

BARCELONA — ExoClick has announced that it has introduced three new traffic distribution algorithms for its advertising platform.

According to the company, these intelligent algorithms give advertisers automated control over the traffic sent to various landing pages used to promote individual products and offers.

The algorithms include Random, Fixed Shares, and Automatic Optimization.

The Random algorithm spreads traffic out evenly between different landing pages, so if an advertiser uses four different landing pages, 25 percent of visitors will be sent to each page.

With Fixed Shares, advertisers define the exact percentage of traffic that each landing page will receive, for example, landing page A receives 10 percent, landing page B gets 15 percent, landing page C gets 35 percent, and landing page D receives 40 percent of the visitors.

Finally, the Automatic Optimization algorithm was based on the multi-armed bandit algorithm, which optimizes traffic distribution based on conversion tracking results, so the landing page that is performing the best will automatically receive most of the traffic, while continuously testing against existing landing pages and any new page that is introduced.

A second new platform feature now adds automatic compression and optimization to the advertiser’s banners that are uploaded in campaigns. This results in much faster display times for end-users, which means better campaign performance and a faster browsing experience. Additionally banners can now be uploaded in PNG format as well as GIF and JPG formats.

According to ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé, the company’s aim is to help clients get the most out of its traffic and to maximize their ROI.

“Our new algorithms are really cool new programmatic marketing tools that allow advertisers to easily A/B test multiple landing pages and get detailed global statistics to analyze the effectiveness of each offer and their related landing pages,” Fonzé explains. “The Automatic Optimization algorithm is a unique feature that closes the gap between using an ad network and third party optimization tools by automatically tracking conversions inside ExoClick’s traffic network. No other ad networks are currently offering this groundbreaking traffic optimization feature.”

The new traffic sharing algorithms can be selected in Admin Panel > Advertisers > Offers.

“We are continually innovating by developing new tools and features for our industry-leading platform,” Fonzé adds. “By integrating programmatic features [such as] these new algorithms and our API, we are providing clients the ultimate hybrid self-service/programmatic platform.”

For more information, visit ExoClick.com.