Icon Brands Now Shipping Orange Is The New Black

Icon Brands Now Shipping Orange Is The New Black

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Icon Brands has announced it is shipping the next release of its Nines series, called Orange Is The New Black.

The line of black BDSM pieces has orange furs, accents and stitching, all for the price of $5 wholesale, with an MSRP of $9.99.

"If I had a dollar for every time I had to reassure an ANME buyer that it isn't a misprint, the price list is correct, they really are $5 wholesale, I could have had lunch and dinner every day at the Daily Grill," said Jenny Tse, sales executive of Icon Sales. "These really are a terrific value."

The line features eight SKUs in all, including leatherette handcuffs and leg cuffs with heavy-duty metal buckles and plush fur lining, a little paddle called "Spanky Junior" and a full-size flogger that normally wholesales for $10 to $15.

"Even the ball gag is made with a silicone mouthpiece, which is just unheard of for $9.99," Tse added.

Orange Is The New Black follows on the heels of the entire Nines line, which includes a 12-speed remote and bullet, glass pieces, big silicone anal toys, silicone handcuffs and "Pocket Pink," Icon's best-selling strokers; all wholesaling at $5.

"$5 is the new $10," Tse explained, "and $9.99 is the new $20. In this economy, we want everyone who walks into a store to leave with something, even if it's just that impulse buy they can't pass up. And retailers seem to agree, because they're rating the Nines a perfect ten."

Icon's Orange Is The New Black is now shipping to distributors worldwide. For more information, visit IconBrands.com or contact sales and merchandising at Jenny@IconBrands or (818) 380-7700, ext. 105.