Australian Trade Show AREXpo Debuts, to Be Held Biannually

Australian Trade Show AREXpo Debuts, to Be Held Biannually
Ariana Rodriguez

MELBOURNE, Australia — Following the successful debut of the Australian AREXpo, founders LonBrook, Sugar and Sas and Two Ducks say they will move the expo to a bi-annual event.

AREXpo, which took place in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane were attended by local retailer owners and store staff who took advantage of the educational aspects as well as show specials and discounts.

We-Vibe Brand Ambassador Donna was on hand to assist retailers with the latest product and point-of-sale materials as well as account executive Angie Stasos from Sydney-based professional dance pole company, X-Pole.

“The ARExpo exceeded all of our expectations,” Two Ducks owner Neil Duckett said. “Thanks to the retailers who took time away from their businesses to attend ARExpo and make the events a success.”

Joanne Radnidge of Sugar and Sas said, “It was a fantastic sales and educational event, it was so well attended and we received wonderful feedback from retailers, asking us to present our bestsellers and new items each year.”

Michael Bassett from LonBrook said, “We were very pleased with the attendance, the positive resonance and the sales figures, well worth the effort, definitely expand on this event configuration.”