Q&A: Eva Lovia Talks Stardom, Endgame

Q&A: Eva Lovia Talks Stardom, Endgame
Alejandro Freixes

LOS ANGELES — Eva Lovia is pure mischief. Her eyes twinkle knowingly and she grins like the Cheshire Cat, coquettish and wise. She is certainly as exotic as the Wonderland feline, with a mixed Japanese and Spanish heritage lathered in naughty girl-next-door vibes.

After dipping into adult gingerly at first, doing girl/girl for the likes of Girlfriends Films and Jules Jordan, Lovia opened up the boy/girl floodgates in 2014 with Mick Blue in Reality Kings’ aptly named “Monster Curves.”

Flipping that hardcore switch soon earned her a gilded invitation from powerhouse studio Digital Playground. By January 2015, Lovia landed an exclusive contract with the studio after winning their DP Star contest and graduated college with a degree in psychology.

Her performances in Digital Playground’s “Anchorwoman XXX” and “Monarch: Agents of Seduction” earned three nominations for the 2016 XBIZ Awards, in the categories of Best Actress — Parody Release, Best Actress — Couples-Themed Release and Best Sex Scene — Couples-Themed Released. With a stellar year in the rearview mirror, highlighted by directorial dabbling and Fleshlight Girl fame, Lovia has already hosted the second season of DP Star and renewed her contract with the studio.

Now, amidst a ModelCentro-powered website relaunch and the tantalizing promise of her first two anal scenes in July, she is sure to make fans FallinLovia.com.

XBIZ chatted with the vivacious minx about her growing stardom and upcoming projects.

XBIZ: Tell us about your early days in adult. How did you balance completing college and doing hardcore roles?

EVA LOVIA: It was hard — any free time I had I was either in Miami or L.A. for work. I missed a lot of class, which meant even more work when I returned. I had to make the choice as to what was my priority and I chose my career. I graduated, but not with the best GPA, and that was a choice I had to make. 

XBIZ: Talk about the transition from girl/girl to boy/girl. What inspired the decision and what new opportunities did it open up for you?

LOVIA: I felt that I had hit a ceiling with GG — if I wanted to be taken seriously and make the most of my brand, I had to make the switch. I know I made the right decision because I was immediately contracted for Digital Playground, which is the best thing that can happen to a new up-and-coming performer.

XBIZ: You became a Fleshlight Girl last year. What was it like getting your own mold?

LOVIA: It's a milestone! Girls wait their whole career to get a toy and Fleshlight is one of the biggest brands out there. I have a toy alongside legends like Tera Patrick and Asa Akira — to say I'm honored, is an understatement. 

XBIZ: Tell us about your dedicated fan base. How do you keep them engaged?

LOVIA: I just try to engage on a personal level as much as possible via Chatstar and my site FallinLovia.com. I do get busy with my work, but it's important to remember the fans are the ones that support you and help you keep moving upwards. I am so grateful to have such a strong supportive fan base that has been behind me since my GG days. 

XBIZ: What led you to become so intimately aligned with Digital Playground? Describe the challenges and rewards.

LOVIA: I am very driven and if I want something I will do anything to get it. Digital Playground is a huge company that is considered high-end in comparison to their competitors. I wanted to be branded as such. I competed in season one of DP Star and I gave it my all.

There was a lot of stress and tears and fallen friendships along the way, but ultimately I reached my end goal and won. I now have a company that pushes my brand and is helping me become the best performer I can be, so when I do become independent, I'm ready to compete against the rest of the amazing talent out there.

XBIZ: How did you end up directing for Digital Playground, and will you continue pursuing directing opportunities in the future?

LOVIA: The honest answer is, I wouldn't shut up about it, haha. I was told “no” at least a dozen times by the office, but anyone who knows me knows that “no” won't stop me. I know I have so much more to offer than performing and I wanted to show my fans my true potential. I certainly want to direct more down the road, but I think it will be for my own company, where I have more freedom to film what I want to film.

XBIZ: Tell us about your newly launched ModelCentro-powered website, FallinLovia.com. What distinguishes it from other adult star sites?

LOVIA: I couldn't be happier — the platform makes it very easy to operate my site independently, without having to give up 50 percent to some webmaster. They truly help stars be in charge of their brand. The support team is A-plus and I am already getting a bunch of new members! I can now offer my fans biweekly free member cam shows (which is huge), customs, merch and exclusive updates.

XBIZ: After a breakout year as the first-ever DP Star, what was it like hosting Season Two of the show? Any advice for future DP Stars?

LOVIA: Being on the other side of the competition was interesting. I feel like the Season One contestants went through more stress, but that may be because I was in it and I'm being biased. It was very fun to get to know the girls and see the passion in them trying to win.

My advice would be to... be yourself. Be sexy and smart. It's not all about sex and it's not all about money — you have to find a balance and showcase what makes you… you. Trying to outdo someone else never works, just be yourself and what's meant to happen, will.

XBIZ: What are your career plans for 2016 and beyond?

LOVIA: I plan on working a lot more with my website and doing exclusive firsts and showing my naughtier/edgier side to my fans. I can't wait to work with other companies down the road to see how they film and meet new people in the industry. I am here to stay so it's all about pacing myself and doing the best work I can do for as long as I can.