Dallas Novelty Offering 'B Vibe' and 'Sqweel XT'

DALLAS  Dallas Novelty is offering the following sex toys for men: The B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug and The Sqweel XT Oral Sex Stimulator.

Nick Mahler, director of sales and purchasing for Dallas Novelty, said, "We at Dallas Novelty are proud to offer these two great new products that men will enjoy all over the world. If you didn't get yours on Steak & BJ Day, don't feel bad because now, no man will ever have to worry or beg again. The B Vibe and The Sqweel literally have your needs covered from front to back."

The B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug is a butt plug that incorporates rotating beads with powerful vibrations for an anal sensation. A Dallas Novelty representative said that the vibrations "are located near the tip to produce exhilarating p-spot, prostrate, stimulation for an out of this world orgasm."

Underneath the velvet-soft silicone casing, the B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug's thick neck features a one-inch section with five rows of rotating beads, just like in the world famous rabbit vibrators, that rotate in five intensities to mimic the sensation of a swirling tongue. 

A spokesperson said, "We double the pleasure with an additional motor located in the tip of the plug. In addition to nerve endings, pleasure from anal play occurs due to the shared wall between the anus and the male prostate where the highest level of nerve endings is located."

The Sqweel XT is an oral sex stimulator. Its USB charge cable can be used with one's laptop or smartphone wall adapter, and a two-hour charge provides the user with one hour of play.

Mahler said, "The sex toy market has always been dominated by women's toys, and it's only recently that men have begun to discover what they'd been missing."

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