Q&A: Danny D Discusses Making of 'Secret Weapon' Dong

Q&A: Danny D Discusses Making of 'Secret Weapon' Dong

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — With more than 1,000 performances under his belt, two-time XBIZ Award winner for Foreign Male Performer, Danny D recently unloaded his Secret Weapon to fans worldwide.

The Danny D Secret Weapon — a 10.5-inch exact replica of Danny D’s penis and balls — is now available from NS Novelties. It is made of odorless and body-safe TPE and features a suction cup base. Its box packaging offers a clear view of the massive dong through a side-window.

“Danny D is one of those rare adult performers who is popular around the world and desired by both sexes," NS Novelties' Lavi Yedid said a press release. "His sex appeal is universal and his popularity continues to grow.”

Danny D got his start in adult entertainment in 2009 after leaving a job in construction. Based out of London, his career has taken him to shoot in Russia, Budapest, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the U.S., where he’s won the XBIZ Award for Foreign Male Performer of the Year in 2014 and 2016.

XBIZ spoke to Danny D about his foray into the pleasure products side of the biz.

XBIZ: What was the molding process like?

Danny D: The molding process was quite surreal. There were a few people who explained how it would work and how quick it would set, etc. Then after we molded the cock we took separate molds of the balls. Basically, I spent the morning dipping my genitals into hardening gunge!

XBIZ: How has your experience been working with NS Novelties?

Danny D: I was introduced to NS Novelties through some friends at XBIZ who highly recommended their work. NS has been great the whole way through, and it’s great to work with likeminded people who want to create top-quality products for the fans.

XBIZ: What inspired the name of the dong (“Secret Weapon”)?

Danny D: I think it was a play on me being English, or maybe because I'm actually a spy for her Majesty's secret service... But I'm not at liberty to discuss that...

XBIZ: How have fans responded to the release of your toy?

Danny D: So far, I have had some great feedback. People have been asking for it for some time so we wanted to give a top-quality piece! 

XBIZ: Tell me about your fan base.

Danny D: I have quite a wide fan base, it's quite diverse, and I like that people from all walks of life can enjoy my work.

XBIZ: Are there any plans for more signature products?

Danny D: We do have some products being developed at the moment; I don't want to give too much away... 

XBIZ: How does this toy complement your work as a performer?

Danny D: It’s obviously cool as fuck; it's great to finally have my cock cast in rubber! As long as I don't get replaced by it at work — I'm good...

XBIZ: What was your reaction to winning a second Foreign Male Performer of the Year award from XBIZ this year?

Danny D: I really couldn't believe it. My wife [adult star Sophia Knight] and I always have a great time at the XBIZ Awards event. Our table had a flurry of wins all at the same time so there was a constant cheer! XBIZ’s Moe later presented me with my award and I couldn't be happier! Would like to thank everyone at XBIZ for all my nominations and my second male performer award. Both my XBIZ Awards take center stage in my Man Cave!