Mobius Payments Now Offering Gift and Loyalty Cards

Mobius Payments Now Offering Gift and Loyalty Cards
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — In an effort to boost its clients’ customer acquisition and retention efforts, Mobius Payments is now offering loyalty cards that can be passed along to customers, and gift cards that can be utilized to bring in new customers.

According to Mobius Payments CEO Mia Zhu, the company is excited to provide these new gift and loyalty cards to its clients.

“Loyalty programs are used by many successful businesses; from large supermarket chains to small local sandwich shops,” Zhu says. “Chances are you are a member of some business’s loyalty program. I know I am.”

The Mobius Payments loyalty card looks like any other credit card and can be accepted at any standard credit card terminal or POS system that has a magnetic strip reader. Unlike some gift cards that have one set value, these cards can be reloaded as needed or desired, and provide security and sales tracking features that are not available through traditional paper gift certificates.

“One cannot overlook the value of gift cards for bringing in new customers,” Zhu explains. “Studies show that upwards of 60 percent of consumers have purchased a gift card for someone at some point. These studies also suggest that the average recipient will spend more than the value of the card and they are not as inclined to wait to buy it on sale since it was a gift.”

Zhu notes that another advantage of the Mobius Payments gift and loyalty card program is that it is easy to switch a gift card into a loyalty card, encouraging new customers to become frequent visitors.

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