EroAdvertising Launches EroAdsController

EroAdvertising Launches EroAdsController

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising has announced the launch of its EroAdsController (eaCtrl), the company’s newest tool for publishers using its advertising platform, which offers fast ad load times and a new anti ad-blocking feature.

According to the company, EroAdsController is an easy to install controller with numerous benefits for publishers (and end users and advertisers). These benefits include allowing publishers to host their own banners, which when partnered with a fast page load will enhance a site’s SEO results. The new tool also supports all banner types across web, mobile and IPTV platforms.

EroAdvertising CEO Jan Huibers says that eaCtrl is the most exciting tool for publishers that the company has ever offered.

“EroAdsController is a game changer for every publisher out there, [loading] all ads on a page in a single request, thus providing a very fast page load time,” Huibers explains. “I have never seen a page with multiple ads on it load as fast as eaCtrl allows.”

“eaCtrl also has the option of bypassing AdBlock software,” Huibers adds. “This could mean thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue can end up back in a publisher’s pocket.”

Huibers says several publishers have tried eaCtrl, and are pleased with the results.

“My site has seen its page load go from [more than] 1,000ms to under 650ms since installing eaCtrl,” said the webmaster of, adding, “I love this tool!”

EroAdsController is now available for all publishers using the EroAdvertising platform.

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