Jimmyjane's Natural and Organic Sensual Care Line Ready to Ship

Jimmyjane's Natural and Organic Sensual Care Line Ready to Ship

SAN FRANCISCO — Design-centric brand and pleasure products innovator Jimmyjane has announced the introduction of its Sensual Care line of natural and organic products.

In stock and available now to retail partners, Jimmyjane’s Sensual Care line features personal lubricants, a toy cleaner, and an arousal gel, which are free of chemicals and additives, 510K compliant, approved by the FDA, and tailored to work with the body’s natural balance. Packaged in a glass vessel, Jimmyjane Sensual Care is designed to be left discreetly on the nightstand.

Jimmyjane President Robert Rheaume says the Sensual Care line is a new interpretation of intimate care.

“Thought went into every aspect of the packaging design of this sleek, glass bottle. It features a raised grip on the sides and a high tact label, which can be easily removed for ultimate discretion,” Rheaume explains. “Sensual Care is presented in a discreet manner so it can be kept in close proximity [and] easily accessible without disrupting the experience.”

Jimmyjane’s Sensual Care line is PH balanced for a woman’s body and uses a proprietary formula of premium, body-safe ingredients that are free of parabens, petrochemicals, glycerin, silicone, artificial flavoring and fragrances. Made with a purified water-based formula, the Sensual Care line is compatible with other products, including silicone vibrators.

“First and foremost we focused on the formulas to create products that would work with the natural makeup of the body,” Rheaume says. “We then looked at the psychology of how people were using these products. Studies show these products enhance satisfaction and pleasure and we wanted to create a presentation that was approachable so people would be more inclined to use them and keep them nearby. What resulted was this modern, minimalist presentation, that looks like something you would see at the beauty counter.”

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that it was easier for women to achieve orgasm when they were wet, and lube was associated with significantly higher ratings of satisfaction and pleasure when used alone or with a partner. In the study, 90 percent of women reported that lubricant made sex simply “better.”

“However, not all lubricants are created equal. Harsh ingredients in many intimate care products can be disruptive to the vagina’s natural chemistry, and changes in the vagina’s PH can lead to bacterial and yeast infections,” Rheaume concludes. “A growing number of consumers are becoming conscious of what they are putting in and on their bodies, and little attention has been given the lubricant category.”

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