Nasstoys Team Travels the Country

Nasstoys Team Travels the Country

NEW YORK — The Nasstoys sales team has been traveling the country attending events, supporting distributors, and providing in-store training sessions.

According to the veteran company, as the pleasure product industry becomes increasingly competitive, it intends to continue to provide service to distributors and its retail partners through product education, placement and knowledge to increase sales.

Given the wide diversity of products available from Nasstoys, each visit the company makes to a retail partner is tailored to the specific demographic focus of the outlet.

“Our goal as a team is to provide industry leading hands-on support of our products from manufacturing to the retail outlet,” said Kathryn Hartman, Nasstoys’ sales and marketing director. “Consumers are ever more savvy buyers who look for knowledgeable retailers who can answer questions about functionality and uses — not simply display product on a shelf.”

In February, new hire Taylor Means attended two events in Columbus, Ohio. First, Nasstoys sponsored an open house at The Garden, spotlighting consumer education, while the following weekend Nasstoys participated in Sexapalooza with retail outlet Boudoir Noir, where Nasstoys says its products sold out during the three-day event.

“I am very proud of how hard our team has been working. We appreciate everyone from our distributing partners to the sales people on the front lines,” Nasstoys’ President Elliot Schwartz said. “We are committed to continuing to support them in any way we can.”

Nasstoys will also attend the upcoming Expo Mark in Lake Tahoe, Nev., from March 6-10.

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