Kheper Games' Disco Ball Cup Appears on the 'Today' Show

Kheper Games' Disco Ball Cup Appears on the 'Today' Show

LOS ANGELES — Kheper Games has announced that its successful new barware item, The Disco Ball Cup, was featured on an episode of the popular “Today” show, on Friday, February 26.

Two Disco Ball Cups were prominently included as part of a retro disco table display during a segment where the show’s hosts talked about “Disaster!,” a new musical opening on Broadway in early March.

“We are always thrilled to see items of ours included in set design or in a popular TV show or movie,” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “We are especially happy to see The Disco Ball Cup gain more exposure, as it is quickly becoming our trendiest new barware item [and] works great for most party themes as a fun drinking accessory.”

“As shown in the ‘Today’ show,” Pellham adds, “it can also easily be utilized as an iconic item for the disco era.”

In addition to The Disco Ball Cup, Kheper Games offers a broad line of novelty cups that includes a TNT Cup (with three chambers and a merging multi-fuse straw); Grenade Canteen; Watermelon Cup; Keg Cup; Toxic Cup; Get Trashed Cup; and a soon-to-be released Cactus Cup.

The Disco Ball Cup was launched in September of 2015, with the TNT Cup, Watermelon Cup, and Grenade Canteen all launched earlier this month.

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