Designer Victor Barragan Unveils Fall Collection on CAM4

Designer Victor Barragan Unveils Fall Collection on CAM4

NEW YORK — During the recent New York Fashion Week, designer Victor Barragan utilized CAM4 to unveil his new fall 2016 collection.

Barragan, who streamed the event for his YTINIFNINFINITY line on the adult live cams site, cast all of the models on Instagram for the unveiling.

“YTINIFNINFINITY’s presentation, staged by designer Victor Barragan inside an apartment, [saw him] lining the walls with plastic sheets and streaming the entire spectacle on the sex webcam site CAM4,” according to a write up in Nylon. “His models, all cast off Instagram, gave stripteases in front of a laptop, taking monstrous bites of corner-store croissants, rubbing themselves in Vaseline and slowly removing their tops for an anonymous online audience.

“One model even took a crushed plastic cup and swallowed a piece, visibly struggling as the fragment worked its way down their throat.”

As Barragan explained to Nylon: “I am trying to match our concepts of voyeurism by sharing with a different audience — not just the fashion industry. I honestly expected random people who don’t feel any connection with fashion and our audience to become better engaged by the presentation.”

“It was just so easy to open the laptop and log in,” he said. “We had four monitors in the back where people who attended could also be close to the screens, watching the show with an outsider’s perspective.” 

CAM4 spokesman Derek Devlin said that the company did not know of Barragan’s plans prior to the broadcast.

“But we are very proud of the way this went off, and it’s always gratifying to see a brand like YTINIFNINFINITY stretching their creative muscles while demonstrating a keen understanding of the artistic purpose and provocative nature of the content published on,” he said.