Oxballs Revamps Product Packaging

Oxballs Revamps Product Packaging

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Oxballs, a leading manufacturer of men’s toys, has unveiled new packaging on its import TPR items.

The new packaging was designed with the retailer in mind and promotes the brand’s message with a clear, cohesive presentation, the company said.

Oxballs’ import items will now be packaged in custom clamshells with front and back window openings that offer customers an unobstructed view of the toy within. Other retail-friendly packaging design features include wordless diagrams that demonstrate with graphics how the product is worn along with material descriptions and care instructions.

Formerly branded as Atomic Jock, the repackaged collection now prominently features the Oxballs orange logo with a gray repeat pattern replacing its former reflective backing on the packaging.

The new look allows retailers to create in-store displays with a unified presentation that appeals to a wider range of consumers, the company said. Oxballs made the decision to update its packaging based on the demand from retailers.

“This decision was made in response to direct feedback we received from current customers and potential customers, particularly during the Expomark show in Hawaii in November,” said Ryan Fraga, Oxballs director of sales and marketing. “We wanted to honor the honest input we were receiving about our packaging. It was hard to hear negative feedback, but we value it just as much as all the positive response we receive. We’re confident that the new packaging effectively addresses retailers’ needs and allows them to better capitalize on the growing male category.”

Several of Oxballs’ key sellers are now available in the new clamshell packaging and shipping this week, with more items shifting to the packaging over the next few months. Oxballs says it brought the idea from concept to market in roughly 90 days, with zero price increase.  

Staying true to its niche and fetish customer base, Oxballs will continue to offer its hand-poured silicone toys in versatile heat-sealed pouches. The aesthetics of the pouch packaging will be updated to match the clamshells to maintain Oxballs’ new cohesive look.

For more information, visit Oxballs.com. For wholesale inquiries, email ryan@oxballs.com or call (818) 812-6643.