Sliquid Debuts Travel-Size Bottles of Intimate Essentials

Sliquid Debuts Travel-Size Bottles of Intimate Essentials

DALLAS — In response to the overwhelming demand for TSA-friendly size options, Sliquid has announced its introduction of new two-ounce containers of its intimate essentials, in on-the-go sizes users can take anywhere.

According to the company, Sliquid remains the top choice for people who prefer intimate products made using vegan and body-safe ingredients, and now with small and TSA-friendly two-ounce bottles, fans can more easily enjoy their favorite Sliquid Essentials wherever they travel.

Included in its travel-size line are H2O, Sassy, Silk, Sea, Satin, Silver and Sliquid’s newest Soul coconut oil moisturizer.

“Traveling with liquid based products has become such a headache due to TSA restrictions, as many of our favorites are too large to pass through airport security, and we wanted to ensure our fans didn’t have to compromise on their intimate needs,” Sliquid VP of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marcus said. “We’ve been fielding ongoing demand from loyal brand consumers and our supporting retailers to offer something more convenient and TSA-friendly. Staying true to our mantra to offer ‘something for everyone,’ we are proud to officially bring two-ounce bottles to market — with even more varieties to come!”

Sliquid’s new two-ounce bottles also make it easy for consumers to test out multiple varieties without committing to full-size containers, while enabling more uses than a one-time-use foil pillow can provide.

Retailers that stock these smaller sizes also allow shoppers to make multiple product purchases of their favorite brands and inspire repeat purchases.

“On-the-go consumers need more than just shampoo and body-wash in bottles that pass today’s strict travel restrictions, and it is important that we meet shoppers’ intimate needs,” Marcus said. “These new sizes are practical and, frankly, adorable on display along with their larger-size counterparts.”

Counter-top displays will soon be available to showcase Sliquid’s two-ounce bottles in a point-of-purchase presentation designed to attract and engage consumers on the sales floor.

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