Video: Autoblow 2+ Debuts With Cartoon Karaoke Video

Video: Autoblow 2+ Debuts With Cartoon Karaoke Video

CHICAGO — Chicago-based singer songwriter David Safran has written and produced a piece that explains the upgrades of the new Autoblow 2+.  

Safran previously wrote a viral song for another one of Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan’s male sex toys, 3Fap.

“The Autoblow 2 has been upgraded; it’s a perfect time to be fellated,” the song says.

A karaoke style sing-along video explains the new blowjob robot’s upgrades: a new “triple gripping” mechanism, a 30 percent tighter grip, and a larger motor that strokes an extra inch of user’s penises.

“Internet user’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter,” Sloan said. “I decided the best way to communicate my message to men in need of blowjobs moving forward is in the form of one minute songs. Anything beyond that and I risk them clicking play on a cat video.”