Chaturbate Premieres Acclaimed 'Cam Girlz' Documentary Free Online

Chaturbate Premieres Acclaimed 'Cam Girlz' Documentary Free Online
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Chaturbate and XBIZ are pleased to announce the public release of the widely praised documentary film “Cam Girlz.”

“Cam Girlz” received critical acclaim following its 2015 premiere in Las Vegas, with director Sean Dunne of “Oxyana” fame delivering an insightful and powerful behind-the-scenes (and in-the-scenes) glimpse into the daily and working lives of a diverse group of live webcam models. The documentary was artfully recorded and features voiceovers of the performers, as well as explicit depictions of their performances.

Several male cam show patrons are also interviewed in the video, providing their own unique viewpoints from the other side of the webcam’s unblinking eye.

Although he didn’t know what to expect from this project at its onset, Dunne was quickly struck by the diversity of the girls, and the fact that even if their insecurities posed an initial hurdle to overcome, these women have all been empowered by this line of work.

According to Chaturbate COO Shirley Lara, the company wished to enable more widespread distribution of the film so that the documentary, which chronologizes numerous facets of the cam world, can be more widely disseminated. We wanted the story of the next generation of cam girls, Broadcasters as we call them, to be available to the public on a “for free basis.” Broadcasters are a new breed of multi-talented individuals mixing entrepreneurship, creativity, talent, production and diversified skills all in one. In fact, they are even more than that! They interact with their public in real time creating a real and even virtual relationship with their followers. To that end, “Cam Girlz” will be available for free on the Chaturbate blog, and will be promoted to the popular site’s users.

An XBIZ Award-winning innovator in the live cam space, Chaturbate is on the forefront of technology and model support, including offering this realistic and intimate portrait of camming today.

One common theme in the video to Dunne’s surprise is a fair amount of spanking: It seems many cam models are bad girls — and many are also remarkably shy — at least in the beginning, before their self-confidence fully blossoms.

Models are not the only shy ones, however, as some viewers may be shocked by the film’s frankness.

“While making the film, through the screening process [and more], I was surprised at how skittish people are when it comes to sex, how reluctant they can be about the conversation,” Dunne told XBIZ, noting that the film has received a wide variety of reactions, in part because of its raw, real depictions. “Each audience is a microcosm that is indicative of society as a whole.”

For his part, Dunne expressed gratitude to Chaturbate for sponsoring the film’s gratis release, and is confident that its positive portrayals will be uplifting for the industry and the public’s perceptions of it.

“‘Cam Girlz’ corrects a lot of misconceptions about this slice of humanity,” Dunne told XBIZ, while revealing a personal interest, saying “I’m attracted to the overall rebel spirit that cam models have.”

That rebellious spirit often comes with a degree of self-consciousness, however.

“Before I started being naked on the Internet, I definitely had to come to a place of liking my body,” one model confided. “Seeing myself from an outsider’s perspective, and not just looking down at my own body with my own eyes, just really changed the way I see myself.”

In addition to overcoming issues of societal expectations of body image, sexual insecurities can plague new models, but they seem to dissipate as the model realizes the control and power she possesses.

“A lot of people are so afraid of sex,” a cam girl explained. “Being a cam girl you have to be willing to give a little of yourself. You have to be honest about yourself. It’s nice to share that with someone.”

“You have to have a lot of self-confidence and a lot of self-control,” another model offered — but some prefer to give up total control in the name of the team.

“I consider it more of a group effort. I don’t consider it to be ‘I’m going to do this and you’re all watching me do it,’” one team player commented, exclaiming, “Let’s see what we can come up with as a bunch of weirdos on the Internet!”

It is a level of appeal and interactivity that draws customers by the millions.

“I use these girls as a coping mechanism. They help me out tremendously,” confided one cam customer. “I see them as being a therapist. A therapist that gets naked.”

Other customers seek a more intimate connection, with one gentleman revealing that he had several intimate friends across a number of cam networks — engaged in relationships that may be one-sided fantasies in his own head, as most models focus on the transactional aspects of any fan “relationship.”

“I am ones and zeros,” one model said. “They are a font on a screen.”

It is an attitude that reflects the digital, remote relationships that are increasingly common today — with one model responding to a viewer’s request for her location: “I live on the Internet,” she said. “Where do you live?”

Of course some models develop deep relationships with special fans, and many have been surprised at the number and scope of these attractions — but overwhelmingly, the draw is cold, hard cash, and the freedom to make your living on your own terms — and having fun in the process.

“Cam Girlz” gives viewers a memorable glimpse into the conflux of today’s technology and the age-old human need for expression and intimacy, revealing a world that is bared to all, courtesy of Chaturbate.

To see “Cam Girlz,” click here.