CAM4 Releases Global Sex Survey

LOS ANGELES — Webcam platform CAM4 has released the results of a global survey on female orgasms.

The survey, which was conducted by IFOP for CAM4 and included more than 8000 women, offered insights on female orgasms in eight countries: the United States, Spain, Italy, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

IFOP found that in Spain, 19 percent of women were “reaching orgasm every day” compared to 12 percent in the U.S., 11 percent in Italy, nine percent in Canada, six percent in the UK, four percent in France and the Netherlands, and three percent in Germany.

In the “Nations of Frustration” category, IFOP found that 49 percent of women surveyed in France “experienced problems reaching orgasm last year” compared to 46 percent in Italy and Canada, 44 percent in the U.S., 42 percent in Germany, 41 percent in the UK, 40 percent in Spain and 28 percent in the Netherlands. 

When the eight countries were combined, the survey found that 94 percent of women “have had an orgasm in their life,” 44 percent “climax at least once a week” and nine percent “climax almost every day.”