BMS Factory Reports Success of PalmPower

BMS Factory Reports Success of PalmPower
Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory is reporting the success of its PalmPower Personal Massager, saying its sales “have continued to climb in spite of competing wands flooding the market.”

The PalmPower Personal Massager was first introduced in 2011 in the European and Australian markets.

“Something that was this small in the wand category had never made vibrations so powerful before,” the company says. “When customers soon started to feel its power, word of mouth and a strong endorsement from shop owners really propelled the PalmPower to the top.”

The PalmPower is now available in all major markets around the world. In early 2015, the PalmPower brand was further revitalized when it teased a new version called the PalmPower Recharge. Boasting the same power as the Original PalmPower, the PalmPower Recharge is cordless and charged using an included USB charging cord.

To offer customers further variety, PalmPower and PalmPower Recharge can both be fitted with PalmPower Attachments (each sold separately). These attachments connect to the head and can transform the massager into many different variations from clitoral, G-spot, nipple massage and more.

Contact a PalmPower distributor for terms on how to acquire in-store display.

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