Adult FriendFinder Offers Free Gold Membership Competitive Upgrade

Adult FriendFinder Offers Free Gold Membership Competitive Upgrade

CAMPBELL, Calif. — FriendFinder Networks (FFN) has announced that it is taking a stand in its belief that dating sites should not use computer generated bots or fake profiles to lure in new members.

“Last October we challenged our competition to make similar assurances to their members, but they have declined to do so,” FFN’s Product Marketing Director Scott Thompson explains. “To emphasize our commitment to this policy we’re putting our money where our mouth is by offering free one-month Gold memberships to users from these competing websites that will not commit to refraining from this practice.”

Thompson  says that the practice of using bots includes dating companies generating fake profiles to communicate with users, and sending fake communications from profiles not created by the dating company to convert users to paying members; and notes that Adult FriendFinder is the leading adult dating community because it built its business not on bots but on real interactions with real members.

“It’s just a reality that many sites out there fool members with machine generated messages from fake profiles [and] we will never support this practice,” Thompson adds. “For nearly 20 years we’ve relied on great features, and a welcoming sex positive community, to bring new members to our site. Now we’re giving new members a chance to experience it for free.”

For a limited time, new members who sign up on Adult FriendFinder and can show proof of membership in a competitive adult dating site will have the opportunity to experience full “Gold Membership” on Adult FriendFinder for a month.

“We hope this promotion will give users who have been duped by other sites the chance to meet great people on a site designed for real members looking for real connections,” Thompson concludes.

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