Pure Play Streets 'Stepdaddy Daydreams'

Pure Play Streets 'Stepdaddy Daydreams'
Alejandro Freixes

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pure Play Media and Taboo Dream Studios have released the first installment of the “Stepdaddy Daydreams” series, directed by Tony D. and Steven Escolar.

Tony D. said, “In ‘Stepdaddy Daydreams,’ I play two characters: Frank and Tony D. The acting in the film is as important as the sex; the story makes the sex better, with buildup being the key element."

Escolar added, “I love the themes of taboo in society, and challenging the social norm. What is normal? How much of what we created as a society is really meant to be ‘natural’ and ‘right?'

"I love asking these questions. I can see other ‘Stepdaddy Daydreams’ releases going into darker, weirder, humorous and more serious places," he continued.

“Stepdaddy Daydreams” stars Tony D. in the stepfather role, opposite cover model Holly Hendrix, Valerie White, Reagan Monroe and Kharlie Stone. 

“Tony D. has directed and performed in his own scenes for a while now, and Taboo Dream was smart to enlist him to co-write this title with Steven [Escolar]," remarked Hyland C., sales representative of Pure Play Media. "He clearly loves fucking these ingénues, and they love him right back."

To view the main trailer, as well as mini-trailers for each stepdaughter, backstory, cast list and photo gallery for “Stepdaddy Daydreams,” visit TheStepdaddy.com. To view the box cover and synopsis, click here.
Retailers interested in stocking “Stepdaddy Daydreams” can contact Hyland C. at Hyland@PurePlayMedia.com or (818) 989-1570, ext. 3256. For more information on Pure Play Media, visit PurePlayMedia.com and PPMB2B.com.