Traffic Force Debuts New Advertiser Dashboard and Real Time Analytics

Traffic Force Debuts New Advertiser Dashboard and Real Time Analytics
Stephen Yagielowicz

TORONTO — Providing a reported 15 billion premium impressions per month for advertising partners, Traffic Force has announced upgrades to the software powering its system that enhance the ability of advertisers to access real time analytical data in a more visual way.

“Our old dashboard offered important information in table format, with basic sorting functionality, but our new one improves on that by providing a much more visually impactful set of graphical reports as well,” said Ross Allan of “Adding these report formats was something we knew our clients would want, but we also went a step further by improving the timeliness of the data generated.”

“Our advertisers can now see each user metric segmented as hourly data that is accumulated in real time,” Allan adds. “This allows media buyers to get much more granular, and to throttle their traffic buys based on the time of day in each region at a moment’s notice.”

Allan explains that the time of day is becoming an increasingly significant metric as advertisers work to find the perfect time to approach each potential customer, noting that accessing billions of audience members becomes far more powerful when you can study their buying habits and determine the time of day that each demographic is most likely to make their purchasing decisions.

The new platform update also includes a stats comparison module that empowers advertisers through the ability to compare campaign data from the last seven days, segmented by hour, hourly impressions, spend, clicks, CPM, CTR, conversions, average CPC, profits per conversion and other key factors to allow for instantly actionable traffic assessments.

“We have had similar reporting available on the publisher side of our system for a while now, and expanding it to cover the more resource intensive advertiser side of the equation will also improve the speed and accuracy of ad buys across our entire network,” Allan concludes. “At the end of the day, it’s all about maximizing the ROI on each buy, no matter where or when your best converting customers are ready to receive your marketing messages.”

All existing Traffic Force accounts have been transitioned to the new interface, with account executives available to assist clients with any support requests.

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