Adnium Rolls Out Ad Retargeting Tool

Adnium Rolls Out Ad Retargeting Tool

TORONTO — Advanced adult ad monetization solution provider Adnium has announced its offering of a new ad retargeting feature.

Adnium is the proprietary advertising platform developed exclusively by Grand Slam Media, using a progressive approach to advertising accountability and technology.

According to Adnium CEO Luke Hazlewood, every marketer wants a second chance at closing a sale, because no matter how strong the first pitch may be, there can always be issues with timing, or the focus of the target may be somewhere other than where it needs to be at the moment.

Now Adnium is giving its clients that second chance to get in front of the same potential customer with the launch of its new ad retargeting technology.

“The way our new retargeting system works, Adnium advertisers are able to load primary ads and secondary ads, which are later displayed based on the earlier activities of each potential customer,” Hazlewood explains. “As your target continues browsing other sites online, they are presented with follow-up ads from your inventory to close sales that would otherwise have been missed.”

Hazlewood notes that Adnium’s retargeting feature utilizes a simple JavaScript tag in the footer of the client’s website. That line of code creates a list of people who visit the site by placing an anonymous retargeting cookie in their browser. Later when that same user visits another participating site, they are presented with follow-up ads via Adnium.

“Keep your brand in front of your potential customers [and] create a meaningful chain of ads that build momentum and reinforce the pitch of earlier creatives in your inventory,” Hazlewood says. “Convert more shoppers into actual customers, and get started today simply by visiting Adnium or speaking with your own account executive about this important new technology right now.”

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