TrafficHaus Named 'Progressive Web Company of the Year' by XBIZ

TrafficHaus Named 'Progressive Web Company of the Year' by XBIZ
Stephen Yagielowicz

SAN DIEGO — TrafficHaus has been named XBIZ’s 2016 “Progressive Web Company of the Year,” recognizing the company’s ongoing growth and development in traffic and technology innovation.

TrafficHaus offers an adult ad serving platform that allows publishers and advertisers control over their inventory and investments. Built by publishers for publishers, this unique platform uses a variable CPM model with proprietary algorithms based on a self-serve live bidding platform.

Advertisers also can use the TrafficHaus platform to resell existing low-performing inventory. This platform is powered by a proprietary algorithm that incorporates key information including, but not limited to, the advertiser’s bid and budget, set minimums, and geographical limits, and then allocates traffic accordingly.

TrafficHaus advertisers have complete control over ad size, location, volume, device(s) on which to advertise, and price — allowing the flexibility to quickly adjust bids in real time while growing exposure and taking full control over their ROI.

Thanks to TrafficHaus’s ongoing dedication to elevated technology development, the company has successfully provided online adult industry professionals with solutions, software, and valuable traffic sources from around the world, with this coveted XBIZ Award proving the team’s hard work paid off.

According to TrafficHaus Sales Director Jake Gonzalez, the company’s specialty in developing proprietary technologies and tools to keep online adult businesses at peak performance has kept TrafficHaus clients at the top of their game.

These offerings include DigiRegs content fingerprinting and reporting, Partner.TrafficHaus content management with real-time data reporting, and the ReviveAds ad block workaround, which has signed more than 15 new clients since its debut earlier this month.

“The TrafficHaus team has worked hard to provide clients with way more than just access to stellar traffic sources and we’re honored to have been recognized in this important category,” Gonzalez said. “It takes commitment to stay on top in this competitive sector and we’re proud of the exclusives and lucrative deals we’ve secured for our clients, publishers and advertisers.”

“This hands-on traffic service matched with our ongoing software and tech service development has put TrafficHaus in the lead,” Gonzalez added, “and we’d like to thank XBIZ and everyone who voted for us this year.”

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