TransSensual Debuts New 'My TS Teacher' Series

TransSensual Debuts New 'My TS Teacher' Series

MONTREAL — Trans-erotica studio TransSensual has released a new series, “My TS Teacher,” which is now available on DVD.

The teacher, played by River Stark, is the center of much drama with Wolf Hudson and Danica Dane fighting for her attention. New TS teen star Aspen Brooks makes her performing debut, alongside Jaxton Wheeler.

Included with the DVD release of “My TS Teacher” is a bonus scene for fans, starring TS Performer of the Year Jessy Dubai, paired with JD Phoenix.

“My TS Teacher” cover art and additional information can be found here.

“This was my first time working with River and she's just amazing,” said Nica Noelle, the writer and director. “I thought she brought just the right tone of repressed lust and longing to the role. She's got such a powerful aura and she's so smart, she really understood her character and knew how to make her come to life.

“This was also my first time working with Aspen Brooks, who I actually named!" she continued. "She's a brand new performer, and I absolutely adore her. She reminds me of an old movie star from the 40s or 50s. She has such a fresh-faced quality and such innocence. You can expect to see a lot more of her at TransSensual.

“It's always a pleasure to work with Wolf Hudson," added Noelle. "He's been such a trailblazer, and it's very gratifying to finally be able to work with him in all the different genres of adult film. It was always our dream that we could artistically explore multiple genres together, and now we're doing it and it's great.”

The plot of the movie is described as follows: "Sweet, shy Sarah (Danica Dane) is stuck in a troubled relationship with insensitive Dimitri (Wolf Hudson) and finds solace in her friendship with intellectual, understanding Professor Rivers (River Stark). But Dimitri suspects the brilliant professor's interest in Sarah is more than academic, so he confronts the redhead and tries to seduce her. Will a man come between the older and younger women, or is their lesbian love destined to prevail?"