Nate Glass to Share Anti-Piracy Measures at XBIZ Show

Nate Glass to Share Anti-Piracy Measures at XBIZ Show

LOS ANGELES — Takedown Piracy owner Nate Glass will discuss the newest and most-effective anti-piracy measures — like his digital fingerprinting technology — as a member of a panel at the 2016 XBIZ Show, which runs through Friday.

During the panel “Anti-Piracy: Rights Owners Fight Back,” slated for 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Glass will talk about the impact of digital piracy on the adult industry in relation to content producers — whether it is companies, directors, or performers.

He also plans on revealing the secrets behind Takedown Piracy’s digital fingerprinting technology at the XBIZ Show.

One year ago, Takedown Piracy began utilizing its new digital fingerprinting program as an application in its revered Nemesis custom tool. In 12 months, the program is responsible for removing over 500,000 pirated scenes and movies from tube sites, and the numbers continue to grow exponentially each month.

Over its six years, Takedown Piracy has removed more than 62 million content infringements.

“There are a lot of things content producers can do on their own to protect the movies and scenes they make; however, if they’re really serious about shutting down the piracy of their content, they need to sign up for our fingerprinting program,” Glass said. “Obviously I’m biased about its effectiveness, but the numbers speak for themselves.”